It’s All About Balance – Join BaliSpirit Festival 2019

BaliSpirit Festival, March 24-31, 2019 in Ubud, Bali

Long term happiness and contentment, good health and a high energy level are usually the result of a balanced body, mind and spirit. But keeping the balance in every day life isn’t always that easy. Facing challenges like socializing vs. me-time, work vs. leisure, high energy workout vs. restorative exercising etc. – there are numerous areas of our life and in our communities which can get disrupted when not in balance. Giving inspiration on how to (re-)gain and how to keep balance is this year’s theme of BaliSpirit Festival: “Restore the Balance”.

From March 24-31 2019 magic BaliSpirit Festival opens its gates again to welcome the conscious tribe for another edition of yoga, meditation, dance, breathwork, healing and authentic relating as well as great music. The festival provides a space of transformation through inner and outer exploration, connection and community. It’s a place of creativity and relaxation, activity and serenity, self-reflection and togetherness in nature!

Hosted on the sacred island of Bali, known for its 1000 temples and 1 million offerings which are made every day, the festival takes place in the holistic healing hub of Ubud, which translates as ‘medicine’ from Balinese. Twelve years ago, the idea for BaliSpirit Festival was born to serve the greater good of all through celebration, joy and mind-body-soul connection. Supported by a strong team of visionaries and the spirit of the holy island of Bali, the festival has been growing steadily and by now has become one of the largest and best yoga festivals in Asia.

World-renowned teachers will share their wisdom with you to offer new paths to inner harmony, balance and collective well-being, you come back to the simplicity of soul-to-soul connections, make new friends, embrace new ideas and start to embody what balance truly means.

What to expect at BaliSpirit Festival

Coming to BaliSpirit Festival means leaving the old behind and inviting in the new. No matter if you are arriving as a solo traveller or with your friends, you’ll experience not only an international array of more than a hundred presenters from a broad range of spiritual and yogic disciplines, but also a deep sense of connection with everybody joining the festival.

Because what the festival is truly all about is this: bringing together amazing people from around the world, unveiling the magic of Bali, creating unforgettable experiences and holding the space for transformation to happen in an easy, joyful and effortless way! Balance starts by joining together.

Be it Jivamukti Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha or Kundalini, or one of the more eclectic workshops such as Shamanic Flow Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Cacao Ceremonies, Sound Baths or Ecstatic Dance, rest assured that you’ll rediscover your love for moving the body in unison with others in a completely new way!

Fuelled by fresh coconut water, nutritional meals and high vibrational organic foods from the island available at the festival, this unforgettable week is going to leave you supercharged and inspired in all the good ways.

While there are many workshops to choose from and many connections to be made, the beautiful setting in which BaliSpirit is taking place, also leaves time for integration and relaxation, Savasana, meditation and nature walks to connect with the stillness within.

The Location & Date

The festival will take place on March 24-31, 2019 in Ubud, Bali. Surrounded by Bali´s outstanding lush green rice fields and jungle patches, the festival venue will be at Purnati Center for the Arts, a 15 minutes drive from Ubud and 45 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Whether you are coming to Bali to experience only a few days of the festival or for the full week, there is plenty of options from guest houses, hostels and hotels to choose from in the surrounding areas.

The 2019 Line-Up

Look forward to a new music and dance concept and various additions in the program, an even more magical venue and a bunch of surprises! The line-up for the upcoming BaliSpirit Festival has been carefully curated with more than 150 presenters from all over the world, to guarantee a perfect mix of workshops and classes, concerts and DJ nights, holistic healing and yoga. The 12th edition hosts an outstanding line-up of all time favorite performers, teachers and creatives and the most exciting international presenters and local heros, such as:

Tymi Howard, Jeffrey Armstrong, Ronan Tang, Danny Paradise, Gwyn Williams in the field of yoga, as well as international presenters, such as Chester Tan, Anshu Singh, Brian Siddharta, Deva Dwabha and more.

>>>>> See the full line-up here.

Regarding the music line-up you can look forward to Deya Dova, C.C. White – Soul Kirtan, Porangui and so many more:

>>>>> BaliSpirit Festival Night Line Up.


If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, the time is now! This year you pay the same price for the ticket but get an extra day of the festival! The 12th edition features 8 days and 7 nights of festival magic.

However, you can also choose 3-Day or 1-Day Passes to experience music, arts and yoga or 7 or 1-Day Passes for the music events only.

Whatever you choose, rest assured it will be an unforgettable experience!

>>>>> book tickets here.

Enjoy this upcoming BaliSpirit Festival with an open heart!


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