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Lifetime access to 25+ yoga sessions from some of the world’s most influential teachers.

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“Our material life as well as our spiritual life is very much determined by how we utilize every moment for a higher purpose and the understanding of the law of karma helps us to do that.” – Radhanath Swami


All Access Summit Pass + The 5 Points of Yoga Course
+ Additional Bonus Content

1The All Access Summit Pass


21 days of yoga to transform your health, happiness, and peace of mind!

Lifetime access to 25+ sessions from some the world’s most influential yoga teachers.

Don’t miss any sessions! Learn how to improve your overall health and wellness, including diet, sleep, breathing.

Download all video, audio, and transcript files and easily access them offline.

Your learning never stops, even if your connection does. Access your summit anytime, anywhere.

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2The 5 Points of Yoga Course


Create a Home Yoga Practice with The 5 Points of Yoga Course
by Nicole Vahlkamp & Esther Ekhart from EkhartYoga

No lasting transformation happens without practice. That’s why Nicole & Esther, founder of Ekhart Yoga, have recorded a special course focusing on the five most important aspects of a home yoga practice. Originally designed by Swami Vishnudevananda, a renowned hatha-yoga master, this course has been adapted especially for The Yoga Summit viewers.


“An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory”
– Swami Sivananda

What You’ll Learn:

– Strategies to increase your strength and flexibility with a variety of multi-level yoga classes by Nicole and Esther

– How to create your own home meditation practice so that you can calm your mind, improve concentration, and access a deeper level of awareness

– Methods to train your mind to think more positively and feel greater acceptance for yourself and others

– Relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness

The 5-Points of Yoga includes more than 5 hours of Yoga practice:

70-minuteIntermediate Yoga Class with Nicole

45-minuteFree-flow Yoga Class with Esther

30-minuteIntroduction to Meditation with Nicole that will guide you to set up your own, regular meditation practice

20-minuteGuided Meditation with Nicole that inspires greater love for yourself and others

20-minuteIntroduction to Breathing & Pranayama course with Nicole that will help you to balance your energy and clear your mind

55-minuteMovement Practice + Guided Yoga Nidra Relaxation with James Reeves to bring your body and mind into balance

75-minuteCombination Yoga Class that includes asana exercise + breathing + meditation + relaxation by Esther


3 Bonus Content


Premium Pass subscribers enjoy additional sessions
that aren’t included in the free part of The Yoga Summit.

  • Interview with Molly Birkholm: The Natural Approach: Using Yoga to Overcome Pain & Trauma
  • Interview with Eddie Stern: Ashtanga Yoga and The 8 Limbs of a Yoga Practice
  • One exclusive Yoga Nidra relaxation with James Reeves
  • One exclusive morning meditation with Jonathan Lehmann


And gain instant access to a life-long journey towards greater happiness, health, and peace.

Summit Pass
  • Lifetime access to 25+ yoga sessions from some the most influential teachers in the world.
  • Download all video, audio and transcript files and access them offline.
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  • Everything in Summit Pass
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