The Yoga Summit & Ekhart Yoga’s Exclusive Online Course

Make the Transformation Last!
The 5 Points of Yoga Course Will Help You To Create Your Own Home Practice

Follow up the 21-days of The Yoga Summit with this course
that will guide you through the 5 fundamentals of a life-long yoga practice.

This course has been done in collaboration with Ekhart Yoga
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About This Course

The Yoga Summit’s exclusive 5 Points of Yoga Course, created in collaboration with Ekhart Yoga, will inspire and guide you through integrating the practice of yoga into your everyday life. This course, available to our Premium Pass members, will help you experience less stress, more energy, and greater happiness.

Nicole Vahlkamp, host of The Yoga Summit, will help you integrate the inspiring summit teachings into a daily yoga practice. Together with Esther Ekhart, founder of, Nicole teaches you the 5 yoga fundamentals that make up her own personal practice, which has brought lasting benefits of improved health, reduced anxiety, and greater self-awareness and peace of mind.

This course is the perfect continuation of your yoga journey with The Yoga Summit. After all, yoga is first and foremost about practice!

Five Hour Course Course Learn

“Success is attained by those who practice.”
- Hatha Yoga Pradipika

What You Will Learn:

  • To feel stronger, healthier, and more flexible with a variety of multi-level asana classes led by Nicole Vahlkamp and Esther Ekhart
  • Pranayama breathing techniques that you can practice on your own to calm and clear the mind
  • To create your own meditation practice to improve concentration, memory, and access a higher consciousness and connection to your true Self
  • To think more positively and feel greater love for yourself and others
  • A unique guided relaxation technique that reduces anxiety, calms the nervous system, and improves sleep

Teachers & Lessons

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The 5 Points of Yoga
The 5 Points of Yoga
20 min
Nicole Vahlkamp
Host of The Yoga Summit
Introduction to Breathing Pranayama (Breathing)
55 min
James Reeves
Europe’s leading yoga nidra teacher, meditative inquirer
Short Movement + Guided 'Sun Moon Harmony' Relaxation Asana (Exercise) & Positive Thinking
20 min
Nicole Vahlkamp
Guided Relaxation Relaxation
30 min
Nicole Vahlkamp
How to Meditate Meditation
55 min
Nicole Vahlkamp
Guided Meditation Meditation
40 min
Nicole Vahlkamp
Breathing & Sun Salutations Pranayama (Breathing) & Asana (Exercise)
75 min
Nicole Vahlkamp
All-Levels Hatha Yoga Asana (Exercise)
40 min
Esther Ekhart
Co-Founder of
Free Flow Yoga Class: Creating Fluidity in Body and Mind Free Style Asana (Exercise)
45 min
Esther Ekhart
Co-Founder of
Find Your Balance: Asana + Breathing + Meditation Pranayama, Asana & Meditation
70 min
Nicole Vahlkamp
Intermediate Hatha Yoga Asana (Exercise)

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