Staying Present as a Parent:
Raising Children with Yoga

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Keeping up a regular yoga practice can be difficult for everyone; for parents, maintaining a regular practice may sometimes feel quite impossible. Daily distractions and interruptions pull us away from our practice, our loved ones, and the care of ourselves.

Elena Brower, renowned yoga teacher, speaker, author, and parent shares how she combines yoga, personal development, and parenting to, "raise a diplomat"--all without abandoning her practice!

In the third week of The Yoga Summit our sessions focus on improving ourselves and the world, and there's no better way to do that than through radically honest and present parenting. Elena's tips will help all of us in relationships, whether we are playing the role of child, co-worker, friend, lover, or parent.

In this interview you'll also learn...

  • How yoga can help us to be better parents, own our imperfections, and apologize, even to young children [5:37]
  • Elena's top four parenthood practices (great for non-parents as well!) [8:39]
    • "How can I help you?"
    • A routine that allows for adventure and spontaneity
    • The ingenious "do-over"
    • Radical honesty [13:20]
  • The importance of a self-care activity every two days, ESPECIALLY as a parent [21:51]
  • How yoga will change us as parents and also change the world [24:20]

Quote From This Interview To Inspire You

"It is a generous, altruistic act for you as a parent to take very, very good care of yourself."

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