Say No To The Negative:
Yoga & Positive Thinking

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Jonathan Lehmann, former corporate lawyer and web entrepreneur, is now a happiness expert. He studies and blogs about the science of happiness and positive thinking from many angles, including the perspectives of ancient spiritualities and modern sciences.

As we transition to The Yoga Summit's second week on Yoga & Health, Jonathan tackles an essential topic that bridges both our yoga practice and our health: positive thinking.

In this interview, Jonathan shares evidence-based explanations for why positive thinking is just so-freakin' hard for us humans!

He gives us his tips and tricks for turning a negative disposition into a happier one, and he explains the many scientific benefits of the practice of meditation. Finally, he shares a unique positive-affirmation meditation with us that you won't want to miss!

In this interview you'll also learn...

  • The relationship between Yoga and positive thinking [2:09]
  • Why negative thoughts travel faster and stick around longer than positive ones (a brief history of a lingering survival mechanism that's served us throughout evolution) [4:15]
  • How to transcend the human brain's bias towards negativity [6:48]
  • His interpretation of Eckhart Tolle's description of how the gap between perception and interpretation enables us to feel joy, love, creativity, and Divinity [16:54]
  • A positive-affirmation based meditation led by Jonathan [19:48-31:45]
  • How the world is experiencing an epic match between fear and love, and yoga can tip the balance [32:08]

Quote From This Interview To Inspire You

"The mastery of life resides in the balance between being and becoming."

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