The Once-A-Day Reflection:
Daily Mindfulness Practices

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Today on The Yoga Summit, you'll hear from acclaimed mindfulness teacher and host of The Mindfulness Summit, Melli O'Brien.

Melli is a mindfulness teacher who initially began her journey for more meaning in yoga. Her mission is to help others enjoy a more conscious and connected life.

In this interview, Melli first talks about the intersection of yoga and mindfulness, and whether yoga is sacred, spiritual, or secular, ultimately posing an important question: is there really a difference?

She then shares mindfulness tips for being present throughout the day, closing the conversation with a lovely guided meditation practice that we invite you to experience with us.

In this interview you'll also learn...

  • Melli's journey and experience with a traditional Hatha yoga practice that jumpstarted her mindfulness journey [1:42]
  • Where yoga, mindfulness and other spiritual traditions intersect [3:51]
  • Melli's secular definition of sacredness and how that connects to the spiritual [5:28]
  • Communication tips for when you're feeling triggered [13:45]
  • Mindfulness tips for staying present throughout the day, even in the "mundane" moments [15:35]
  • A mindfulness meditation practice led by Melli [17:52-25:28]
  • How Melli thinks yoga is changing the world [26:34]

Quote From This Interview To Inspire You

"Spirituality to me is being awake the fullness of my moment-by-moment human existence."

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