40 Minute Practice:
Pranayama (Breathing) + Sun Salutations + Relaxation

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As we wrap up the first week of The Yoga Summit, host and yoga teacher Nicole Vahlkamp, leads us in a class that includes breathing exercises, sun salutations, and a soothing final relaxation that will become a much-loved part of your daily yoga practice.

Nicole has been practicing yoga since she was old enough to join her mom in class, and teaching Sivananda-style Hatha yoga classes for more than three years. In this 40-minute session, she shares her daily practice with you, which she says has made her feel healthier and happier than anything else she's tried!

In this practice you'll learn

  • Kapalbhati--Illuminating Skull Breath- An efficient way to expel air from the lungs to allow for a fresh in-flow of oxygen. This is a powerful method to cleanse the lungs.
  • Anuloma Viloma--Alternate Nostril Breathing- A sequence that includes a 4-second inhale, 16-second retention, and 8-second exhale on alternate nostrils. This type of breathwork harmonizes the nervous system and purifies the body's energy channels.
  • Classical Sun Salutations-- 12 positions make up this great daily warm up for the body, mind, and spirit. Every major muscle group of the body is stretched and toned during this sequence.
  • A savasana final relaxation to soothe the body and mind.

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