How Did We Get Here?
Yoga's Journey from East to West

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Phil Goldberg, yoga practitioner, teacher, and writer, has studied India's spiritual traditions for more than 45 years. His most recent book is American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation, How Indian Spirituality Changed the West.

In this bonus interview, Phil provides a perspective on the evolution of yoga in the West. How did yoga pioneers like Emerson, Thoreau, the Beatles, and the first teachers who came to the West shape today's yoga landscape? What made yoga mainstream? How are Westerners ironically influencing yoga in the East?

Learn how yoga has evolved--from philosophy, to meditation, and now exercise, or asana. Hear how we've been influenced by teachers we don't even realize; how we are revolutionizing this ancient practice and adapting it to our modern needs!

In this interview you'll also learn...

  • The history of yoga in the West
  • Key moments of what helped yoga win the hearts and minds of Westerners [8:15]
  • How the clear benefits of meditation led universities to begin scientific research into yoga [12:27]
  • Why today yoga is mostly equated with exercise, yet is also more than a physical practice [15:17]
  • How the West has adapted ancient yogic practices to a modern way of life [16:52]
  • How the secularization of traditional practices has made them mainstream [26:06]

Quote From This Interview To Inspire You

"The job of the yoga community is to make the fullness of yoga available to people."

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