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5 Basics Every Yogi Should Know

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Robert Moses studied and taught yoga and yoga philosophy, Vedanta, for 40+ years. He served his guru Swami Vishnu-devananda for more than 20 years until his passing in 1993. Today Robert teaches yoga teacher training courses, leads sacred pilgrimages throughout India, and co-publishes Namarupa, Categories of Indian Thought.

In this interview, Robert describes how incorporating these five points of yoga into your practice will benefit your mind and body:

  • Proper Exercise
  • Proper Breathing
  • Proper Relaxation
  • Proper Diet
  • Positive Thinking and Meditation

Robert takes us through his personal journey toward yoga, which began with a desire to quiet his mind, and, ultimately, his realization that the power of daily practice could permanently improve his life. Robert Listeners will learn the key to starting a daily practice, the power of a daily routine, and how a little stillness can go a long way...

In this interview you'll also learn...

  • How the five points promote homeostasis in the body
  • Why yoga practice is more important than yoga theory [22:50]
  • How to successfully (read: slowly) begin a daily yoga practice [24:36]
  • What changes to expect after incorporating the five yoga basics

Quote From This Interview To Inspire You

"The mind actually loves patterns and habits and things like that. And what we've done as we grow up is...well, it's easy for us to slip into negative patterns and negative habits that aren't good for us over the long term. So we just really need to change those toward positive habits."

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