We selected our speakers with the intention to bring you the most powerful transformation in your daily life. They’ll be delivering a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science with potent perspectives on life and how we live it, as well as ways yoga can make a direct, positive impact on us and on the world.

Seane Corn

Internationally-celebrated yoga teacher and activist

Transformation of the Self

Inner Makeover: Transforming the Self


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

World-renowned spiritual leader, Founder of the Art of Living Foundation

Transformation of the World

Practicing Peace: Transforming the World One Yogi at a Time

Danielle Laporte

Spiritual entrepreneur, lovingly edgy speaker, gifted artist

Living Your Yoga

Living Your Yoga

Jonathan Lehmann

Former corporate lawyer, current expert on happiness

Yoga & Positive Thinking

Say No To The Negative: Yoga & Positive Thinking

Esther Ekhart

Co-Founder of EkhartYoga.com, international long-time yoga teacher

Yoga & Self Love

Unlocking the Secrets of the Heart & Body

Jason Crandell

The “yoga teacher’s teacher,” yoga anatomy expert, “next-level yogi”

Yoga Asanas & Exercise

Working On Your Fitness: Are Yoga Asanas the same as Exercise?

James Reeves

Europe’s leading yoga nidra teacher, meditative inquirer

Yoga & Practice

Change Your Self & the World: Yoga & Practice

Melli O'Brien

Mrs. Mindfulness, teacher of the “Art of Living”

Daily Mindfulness Practices

The Once-A-Day Reflection: Daily Mindfulness Practices

Radhanath Swami

Devout Krishna-Bhakti monk, bestselling author, spiritual seeker

Yoga, Karma, & Destiny

You Can Change Your Life! Yoga Philosophy Proves it

Dharma Mittra

World-renowned yoga expert, Director of the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City

Yoga & Self Realization

Who Am I? The Path to Self Knowledge

Molly Birkholm

Co-founder and Executive Director of Warriors at Ease

Yoga & Pain

The Natural Approach: Using Yoga to Overcome Trauma & Pain

Richard Miller

Founder, Executive Director, and President of the Integrative Restoration Institute

Yoga & Stress

Yoga vs. Stress: Be Less Stressed! Befriend Your Anxiety

Dr. Amer Khan

Founder of Sehatu Sleep, researcher, and holistic innovator

Yoga & Sleep

Zzzzzz better: How Yoga Improves Sleep

Elena Bower

Author of Art of Attention, founder of Teach.yoga, yoga and meditation teacher

Yoga for Attentive Parenting

Staying Present as a Parent: Raising Children with Yoga

Eddie Stern

Devoted student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Co-Founder of Ashtanga Yoga New York

Yoga & Self Awareness

Know Thyself: Ashtanga Yoga and The 8 Limbs of a Yoga Practice

Jai Uttal

Renowned world-musician, Grammy-nominated singer, Bhakti enthusiast

Yoga, Chant, & Mantras

Groove is in the Heart! Music, Mantras, & Chanting in Yoga

Samantha Doyle

Women’s wellness specialist, mother of four, Ayurveda and yoga teacher

Yoga & Food

A Story of Transformation: Healing Your Relationship With Food

Philip Goldberg

Expert on India’s spiritual traditions, honored author and speaker

Origins of Yoga in the West

How Did We Get Here? Yoga’s Journey from East to West

Jono Fisher

Founder of the Wake Up Project, inspirational speaker, kindness expert

Yoga & Work

Werkin’ 9 to 5… Embracing Courage, Calm, & Kindness in Your Career

Sonia Ribas

Founder of Yogin’it, leader in the yoga community

Yoga for Attentive Parenting

Staying Present as a Parent: Raising Children with Yoga

Swami Brahmananda

Senior teacher of Sivananda yoga teacher training courses and of sacred yoga principles

Yoga & Meditation

More Than Just a Fad: Yogic Meditation & Why It Matters

Robert Moses

Devoted disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and co-publisher of Namarupa

The Five Points of Yoga

Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here: 5 Basics Every Yogi Should Know

Dr. Robert Svoboda

Ayurveda expert, first Westerner ever to be licensed to practice Ayurveda in India

Yoga & Your Health

The Yogic Approach to Health: An Introduction to Ayurveda