Jai Uttal
Renowned world-musician, Grammy-nominated singer, Bhakti enthusiast

Jai Uttal is an American musician, Grammy-nominated singer, and a pioneer in the world music and yoga communities. An ecstatic Kirtan vocalist and devoted Bhakti yogi, he creates a musical and multicultural fusion influenced from both the Eastern and Western worlds. True to the real roots of kirtan, Jai explains the depth behind this ancient yogic practice: β€œThe practice of calling to the Divine creates a bridge between the individual and the eternal, opening the heart and welcoming the spirit. These ancient chants contain a transformative power and healing energy.” Jai Uttal studied under the famous Sarod player, Ali Akbar Khan, and uses his chanting practice as both a form of worship and service for others, guiding his audiences into the world of sacred sound and singing of the Divine name. You can support him and his beautiful music on Patreon. Know more about his music and events on his website.

"World music is music from everywhere: music that creates bridges, music that unites hearts and cultures, music that brings peace."