Melli O'Brien
Mrs. Mindfulness, teacher of  the “Art of Living”

Melli O’Brien, internationally-accredited meditation and yoga teacher, teaches real-world mindfulness for real-world people. As a devoted mindfulness practitioner who deepens her practice daily, Melli strives to share the gifts of living mindfully with as many people as possible. Melli leads retreats, offering people a full immersion into what life can be like when lived with mindful awareness. Using techniques of yoga and meditation, Melli does not subscribe to a particular religion, but rather explores universal truths that connect us all together. Putting ancient techniques into plain and simple language in her successful blog, Mrs. Mindfulness, Melli’s work is accessible for beginners and devotees of the path of full awareness and awakened living.

"I envisage a world where billions of people become inner-peace activists, where we take radical responsibility for the state of our minds as an intelligent loving way of taking care of the planet and each other."